426653 The Scale up Technique Using Numerical Simulation for Coating Process of TiN Thin Film By a Thermal CVD Method

Monday, November 9, 2015
Exhibit Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Yuya Hatori1, Takahoshi Omayu2, Tsutomu Bessho2, Ken-ichiro Tanoue3 and Tatsuo Nishimura3, (1)UBE.ind.ltd, UBE, Japan, (2)Yamaguchi University, UBE, Japan, (3)Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamaguchi University, Ube, Japan

Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is one of the methods to make the thin film on a heated substrate during chemical reactions from vapor raw material and has been widely used due to many merits. For example, it is possible to deposit immediately thin film on a large amount of the substrates with complex surface shape. Industrially, a film is hardly deposited on one substrate. It is necessary to deposit a film simultaneously on two or more substrates.

 Therefore, it is necessary to examine the growth rate distribution in consideration of temperature distribution and materials concentration distribution. However, within a reactor, the mass transfer accompanied by heat and some chemical reactions happens simultaneously. It is very difficult to perform reaction control. Therefore, sufficient deposition model is not constructed. If the model which can reproduce a growth rate by numerical analysis is constructed after clarifying a reaction mechanism, the ingredient of a thin film and control of film thickness are attained.

 In this study, the growth rate of titanium nitride (TiN) film by thermal chemical vapor deposition (CVD) in horizontal tubular reactor was investigated experimentally. Titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) was selected as a raw material, and TiCl4 vapor was mixed with nitrogen and hydrogen in the reactor. Furthermore, three dimensional numerical simulations were conducted to predict the growth rate with taking account into heat and mass transfer during CVD process. In addition, the scale up method to apply it to an industrial process was considered.

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