426353 Efficient CO2 Capture By Functionalized Graphene Oxide Nanosheets As Fillers to Fabricate Multi-Permselective Mixed Matrix Membranes

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 8:30 AM
155B (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Zhongyi Jiang, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, Key Laboratory for Green Chemical Technology of Ministry of Education, Tianjin, China

A novel multi-permselective mixed matrix membrane (MP-MMM) is developed by incorporating versatile fillers functionalized with ethylene oxide (EO) groups and amine carrier into polymer matrix. The as-prepared MP-MMMs can separate CO2 efficiently owing to the simultaneous enhancement of diffusivity selectivity, solubility selectivity and reactivity selectivity. To be specific, MP-MMMs were fabricated by incorporating polyethylene glycol- and polyethylenimine-functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets (PEG-PEI-GO) into commercial low-cost Pebax® matrix. The PEG-PEI-GO plays multiple roles in elevating the membrane performances. Firstly, the high aspect ratio GO nanosheets in polymer matrix increase the tortuous path of gas diffusion and generate a rigidified interface between polymer matrix and fillers, enhancing the diffusivity selectivity. Secondly, PEG consisting of EO groups has excellent affinity for CO2 to enhance the solubility selectivity. Thirdly, PEI with abundant primary, secondary and tertiary amine groups reacts reversibly with CO2 to enhance the reactivity selectivity. Thus, the as-prepared MP-MMMs exhibit excellent CO2 permeability and CO2/gas selectivity. The MP-MMM doped with 10 wt% PEG-PEI-GO displays the optimum gas separation performance with a CO2 permeability of 1330 Barrer, CO2/CH4 selectivity of 45 and CO2/N2 selectivity of 120, surpassing the 2008 Robeson upper bound lines.

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