417972 Clarification of Sugar Cane Juice Using Activated Charcoal , Made ​​from Sugarcane Bagasse , Physically and Chemically Activated

Monday, November 9, 2015
Exhibit Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Danielle C.A. Jaguaribe1, Valdir Bernardino2, Larissa Cavalcanti Jr.3 and Antonio C. S. Carvalho1, (1)Tecnologia Sucroalcooleira, UFPB, Joao Pessoa, Brazil, (2)UFPB, Brazil, (3)Departamento de Tecnologia Sucroalcooleira, ufpb

Sugar Cane juicy or garapa darkness quicly due to the oxidaxion of some of its constituints harming its commercialization and thus requires rapid consuption. The objective of this paper is to develop a pilot method using the residual biomass of the sugar cane mills for the juice clarification. In this paper a technique using activated carbon pellets from the sugar cane bagasse will be discussed. The carbon pellets  are chemically activated either with phosphoric acid, or with zinc chloride, and phisically activated with water vapour. After carbonization, the pellets are submited to a superfitial chemical treatment to change their surface polarities, affecting the clarification of the juicy. The removal of the darcness of the sugar cane garapa was conducted using a batch process , and the best results as the best activated carbon analysed.

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