417892 Thermoenergetic Balance in Boilers Steam Generators in Sugarcane Plant Mills

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 3:33 PM
255C (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Danielle C.A. Jaguaribe Sr.1, Valdir Bernardino2, Larissa Cavalcanti Jr.1, Antonio C. S. Carvalho1 and Antonio C. S. Carvalho1, (1)Tecnologia Sucroalcooleira, UFPB, Joao Pessoa, Brazil, (2)UFPB, Brazil

The current schene in the global search for cleaner and more efficient alternatives, the residual biomass can play a role with great energy capacity. This paper presents the evaluation of operating energy efficiency of a sugarcane mill, which specifically uses bagasse as a steam source. Besides, energy consumed throughout the production plant process (thermal, electrical and mechanical), uses surplus bagasse for marketing. The principle of energy balance was applied in this study, an utmost importance for any industry in order to assess and ensure a good production and detect anomalies in the operating process by evaluating the energy parameters. According to a thermodynamic analysis, that defined the performance indices of the boilers in this plant, it was concluded that the plant has an optimum utilization of its energy in each of its components.

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