416331 Nanoenzyme Catalysis Factory on DNA Origami Platform

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 2:35 PM
253A (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Banani Chakraborty, Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

DNA, not only widely studied as the secret of life but also have been one of the widely used candidate to fabricate structures in nano-meter domain for past 30 years or so using bottom-up methodology. Current trend in DNA nanotechnology is to add functional aspects to these well defined DNA nano-structures. Lately a lot of minute structural details have been successfully programmed and demonstrated; especially since the beginning of DNA origami era in last decade. Much work has also been done to functionalize DNA origami for irreversible and single step functions. This talk will narrate the design and demonstration of first ever completely reversible enzyme catalysis nano-factory on DNA origami surface which is able to modify DNA and the modified products can be specifically removed such that one can modify new target DNA with the same or a different chemical group in the next nano-machine cycle. Visualization of this nano-factory is done through atomic force microscope (AFM). These kind of nano-enzyme factory can be a well studied stepping stone to the new generation nano-bio-chip for parallel detection in nano-dimension.

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