415987 Simulation of Powder Segregation Phenomena in a Storage Hopper

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 3:15 PM
254B (Salt Palace Convention Center)
John Hecht, Process Technologies, Corporate Engineering, Procter & Gamble, West Chester, OH, Vidyapati Vidyapati, Process Technologies, Procter & Gamble, West Chester and Jianfeng Li, Process Systems Enterprise, Cedar Knolls, NJ

This presentation describes a numerical simulation of segregation of a powder mixture when a storage bin is used in a powder process. A continuum framework tracks composition changes inside and exiting the bin during its dynamic operation. The simulation treats particle segregation on the moving free surfaces during filling and emptying, tracks the shape of the free surface, and includes velocity profiles within the powder during discharge.  This simulation was programmed using gSOLIDS and therefore it can be connected to other unit operations for an overall powder process simulation.  Results obtained by these simulations can help in mitigating segregation risk either by changing the equipment design, modifying the powder properties or by controlling the process parameters.

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