415915 Mussel-Inspired Hybrid Coatings That Tailor Membrane Wettability for Hash Water Treatment

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 4:30 PM
155F (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Zhenxing Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China and Lu Shao Sr., Harbin Inst Technol, Harbin, China

Mussel-inspired, hybrid coatings have be built firmly on hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membranes in a facile manner via simultaneous polymerization of mussel-inspired dopamine and hydrolysis of commercially available and low-cost silane through a highly efficient one-step approach. The hydrophilicity of the hybrid coating can be tuned by adjusting silane concentration, which can be applied to rationally design optimized hybrid coatings to significantly improve the performance of PVDF ultrafiltration (UF) membrane and commercial PVDF microfiltration(MF)membrane, respectively. The hybrid coatings f are utilized to modify the PVDF UF membrane for treating protein-rich water with drastically enhanced antifouling performance and excellent dry storage ability, while the hybrid coatings can endow PVDF MF membrane with high hydrophilicity, underwater superoleophobicity and low oil adhesion for high-efficiency oil-in-water emulsion separation. More importantly, these hybrid coatings are extremely stable and can withstand rigorous washings or cryogenic bending. The simplicity and versatility of this novel mussel-inspired one-step strategy may bridge the material-induced technology gap between academia and industry, which makes it promising for eco-friendly applications.

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