411833 Kinetic Modeling and Scaleup Assessment of Seeded Solvent Mediated Form Conversion

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 4:00 PM
155D (Salt Palace Convention Center)
David Willcox1, Hoa Luong1, Praveen Mudunuri2, Justin Pritchard3, Stefanie Roeper1, Phillip Snyder3, Brian Phenix1, Nicole Lahousse3, Martin Warman3 and Brian Luisi3, (1)Chemical Development, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA, (2)Materials Discovery and Characterization, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, (3)Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA

This presentation focusses on the challenges of developing a scalable form conversion process. The slurry conversion of solid forms involves unique challenges compared to typical cooling and anti-solvent crystallizations. Form conversion is often coupled with thermodynamics constraints involving polymorphs or other solid forms. This presentation will discuss the importance of phase diagrams, procedures for monitoring the kinetics of form conversion using Raman spectroscopy, developing a mathematical model of form conversion, examining the impact of process parameters and developing a scalable process. In particular, it was found that solubility is not the most significant driver for the kinetics of the process.

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