408523 Fast and Accurate Analysis of Extended Natural Gas Composition and Physical Properties Using a Temperature Programmable Micro GC Fusion

Sunday, November 8, 2015
Exhibit Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Debbie Alcorn, INFICON, East Syracuse, NY

Precise and fast measurement of natural gas composition is critical for producers, gatherers, and natural gas appliance and engine manufacturers. Physical property calculations, such as heating value (measured in BTU), provide valuable information to the end user. Due to variations in natural gas composition, gas samples must be analyzed frequently, as small changes in physical properties can have a significant financial impact.

INFICON Micro GC Fusion builds upon proven MEMS based technology and introduces temperature programming, which allows for faster, more accurate analyses. Compared to isothermal operation, temperature programming provides sharper peaks and extends application capability. With a single column, C1-C8+ components can be analyzed within 4 minutes. For extended analysis up to C12, a second module may be utilized. Micro GC Fusion’s small size and transportability makes it an ideal instrument either in the field or in the lab.

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