407928 One Pot Synthesis of Biobased Fuel Additive Ethyl Levulinate By Direct Transformation of Bagasse in Ethanol Media

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 3:15 PM
255E (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Shireen Quereshi1, Suman Dutta1 and Tarun Kumar Naiya2, (1)Chemical Engineering, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India, (2)Petroleum Engineering, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India

Ethyl levulinate has emerged as a promising biobased fuel additive which reduces dependence on non conventional fossil fuel sources. In this study we have demonstrated a one pot direct transformation of bagasse in ethanol media to produce ethyl levulinate at mild process conditions. A series of experimental studies have shown that mineral acid catalysts particularly sulfuric acid and HCl are more effective in increasing ethyl levulinate production. A detailed process insight study has also been done to demonstrate effects of different process parameters such as reaction time, catalyst loading & reaction temperature on ethyl levulinate yield. A 14.50 %( w /w) ethyl levulinate yield which represents a theoretical yield of 36.21% has been obtained from transformation of bagasse at a temperature of 125oC in a reaction time of 2 hours in the presence of sulfuric acid catalyst and ethanol media. H1-NMR & GC-FID analysis methods were used for qualitative & quantitative results analysis respectively. One pot transformation of bagasse into ethyl levulinate at such mild process conditions has been reported for the first time (to best of our knowledge).

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