405597 Preparation and Performance of Ni-Co/SiO2 Catalyst for Catalytic Decomposition of Methane to Cox Free Hydrogen

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 2:10 PM
250F (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Saba Gheni, Chemical Engineeing, University of Missouri Colombia, Rolla, MO


A prepared and commercial Ni catalyst was employed in a thermo-catalytic decomposition of methane to produce COx-free hydrogen. Ni catalysts supported on silica was prepared by wet impregnation method are studied to produce pure hydrogen and carbon fibers in a fixed-bed quartz reactor at 500-600 °C and at atmospheric pressure.

It was observed that the prepared10% Ni-Co/ Al2O3 catalyst had a good activity in methane decomposition reaction with a high activity at the initial times of reaction and decreased with time on stream, and finally reached a constant value.

The experimental results of methane conversion versus temperature and time on stream were subjected to the integral method of analysis to predict the rate law of the catalytic decomposition. The reaction order for methane decomposition over the two types of Ni catalysts is approximately 2. An activation energy of 148 kJ/mol for the prepared 10% Ni-Co/ Al2O3and 100.7 kJ/mol for the commercial 12% Ni-SiO2/Al2O3catalysts.

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