632 Industrial Applications in Design and Operations II

Thursday, November 20, 2014: 8:30 AM
406 - 407 (Hilton Atlanta)
This session focuses on the practical applications of Process Systems Engineering. Areas of interest include applications of fundamental research in modeling, optimization and control in Enterprise Wide Optimization including scheduling, planning and control of supply chains, product and process design including microsystems, metabolic networks, and separation systems. Process control and safety papers on proven applications of process systems engineering in operations, collaborations between academia and industry with a potential future impact, and case studies are welcome.

Computers in Operations and Information Processing
Systems and Process Design (10A)

Ramkumar Karuppiah
Email: ramkumar.karuppiah@exxonmobil.com

Stacy L. Janak
Email: stacy.janak@aspentech.com

Vijay Gupta
Email: vijay.v.gupta@shell.com

8:30 AM
(632a) Global Optimization of Real Time Operation of an Industrial Gas Network
Yash Puranik, Nick Sahinidis, Tong Li, Ajit Gopalakrishnan and Brian Besancon

8:51 AM
(632b) Natural Gas Reduction in Industrial Waste Incineration By Optimized Short-Term Scheduling
Matteo Abaecherli, Elisabet Capón-García, Stavros Papadokonstantakis and Konrad Hungerbühler

9:12 AM
(632c) Polymerization Process Reconfiguration from Molecular Weight Distribution
Chen Zhang, Zhijiang Shao, Xi Chen, Lorenz T. Biegler, Xueping Gu and Zhen Yao

9:54 AM
(632e) Modeling Steam-Methane Reforming for Dynamic Risk Analysis
Ian Moskowitz, Warren D. Seider, Masoud Soroush, Ulku Oktem and Jeffrey Arbogast

10:36 AM
(632g) Optimization and Analysis Methods for Maritime Inventory Routing
Yachao Dong, Christos T. Maravelias and Norman F. Jerome
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