326 Fundamentals of Interfacial Phenomena II

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 12:30 PM
208 (Hilton Atlanta)
Continuation of session

Interfacial Phenomena

Marina Tsianou
Email: mtsianou@buffalo.edu

Jacinta C. Conrad
Email: jcconrad@uh.edu

Sergey Vasenkov
Email: svasenkov@che.ufl.edu

12:45 PM
(326b) Thermodynamics of Flat Thin Liquid Films
Philip C. Myint and Abbas Firoozabadi

1:00 PM
(326c) Oscillatory Structural Forces Between Drops and Bubbles
Raymond R. Dagastine, Christopher Fewkes, Christine Browne, Rico Tabor and Franz Grieser

1:30 PM
(326e) Pair Capillary Interaction of Particles with Pinned Contact Lines on Curved Fluid Interfaces
Nima Sharifi-Mood, Lu Yao, Iris Lui, Ravi Radhakrishnan and Kathleen J. Stebe

1:45 PM
(326f) History Dependent Shape of a Pinned Droplet on an Incline
Michiel Musterd, Volkert van Steijn, Chris R. Kleijn and Michiel T. Kreutzer

2:45 PM
(326j) Ab-Initio Prediction of Liquid/Liquid Interfacial Tension Based on COSMO-RS
Andreas Klamt, Martin Andersson, Martin Vad Bennetzen and Susan Stipp
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