96 Undergraduate Student Poster Session: Materials Engineering and Sciences

Monday, November 17, 2014: 10:00 AM
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
One of nine student poster sessions.

Victor Breedveld
Email: victor.breedveld@chbe.gatech.edu

Ryan Toomey
Email: rtoomey@eng.usf.edu

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Improving Photopolymerization Rates and Conversion of Common Monomers through Formation of Coordinated Ionic Liquids
Kelsey Terrill, John W. Whitley, W. Jeffrey Horne, Matthew S. Shannon, Spenser Hayward and Jason E. Bara

Anti-CD123 Antibody Labelled Polymer Micelles Target Leukemia Cells
Steven Tau, Michael Baranello, Danielle Benoit and David Foster

Characterizing Protein Corona Formation on Polystyrene Nanoparticles Using Single-Molecule Analysis
Jonathan M. Gigas, Xiaolu Zhang, Eric A. Grulke, Robert Yokel and Jason DeRouchey

Mechanistic Understanding of Distearyl Thiodipropionate As an Antioxidant in the Cross-Linking of Polyethylene
Charles Winslow, Fiaz Mohammed, Mark Conley, Harris Eldridge, Pamela Pollet, Charles Liotta and Charles A. Eckert

Chemically Amplified, Positive Tone Polynorbornene Dielectrics
Alexandra Sutlief, B.K Mueller, J.M Schwartz and Paul A. Kohl

Block Copolymer Interfacial Control: Photo-Patternable Interfaces
Jeffrey Self, Michael Maher and C. Grant Willson

Synthesis of a Block Copolymer Containing and Self-Immolative Block
Anthony Engler, Austin Lane and C. Grant Willson

Determining the Rate of ROS Generation from Composite Magnetic Nanoparticle Hydrogels in an Alternating Magnetic Field
Helen Yao, Robert J. Wydra, Thomas D. Dziubla, Kimberly Anderson and J. Zach Hilt

Shape Actuation of Dual-Cured Networks
Jisu Jiang, Yuan Meng and Mitchell Anthamatten

Thermally Reversible Hydrogels
Skylar Heidema and Matthew Smith

Cavitation Rheology of Alginate Gels
Kinsey Naas, Meysam Hashemnejad and Santanu Kundu

Deformation and Bonding of Cold Sprayed Iron-Based Amorphous Metal Particles
Maryvivian Okwara, Constance Ziemian, Wendelin Wright and David Cipoletti

Controllable Barrier Properties of Graphene Oxide Emulsions
Finn van Krieken, Megan A. Creighton and Robert H. Hurt

Direct Fabrication of Mesoporous Graphene from Graphene Oxide By Magnesiothermic Reaction
Joshua Halsted, Zhenyu Xing, Wei Luo, Xuilei Ji, Raghu Subashchandrabose, William Stickle and Bao Wang

Modification of the Co-Precipitation Method to Synthesize Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Higher Specific Absorption Rates
Esmarline J. De León Peralta, Fernando Mérida Figueroa and Madeline Torres Lugo

Nanoparticle Photoresists: Synthesis and Characterization of Next-Generation Patterning Materials
Pavel Shapturenka, Jing Jiang, Ben Zhang and Christopher K. Ober

Comparative Study of Gold Nanoparticle Structure Modifications Induced By Aggregation Reagents
Elizabeth Stafford, Siyam Ansar, Ganganath Perera and Dongmao Zhang

High Temperature Oxygen Sensors Based on Ruddlesden-Popper Type Oxides
Scott D. Essenmacher, Emir Dogdibegovic and Xiao-Dong Zhou

Explosive Thermal Reduction of Graphene Oxide Based Materials
Collin Felten, Indrek Kulaots and Yang Qui

Characterizing the Thermoelectric Properties of PEDOT:PSS/Te Nanowire Composite
Cooper Vajner, Shilin Ma, Ali Yousuf, David A. Wallace, Kimberly Anderson, Hung-Ta Wang and Greg Szulczewski

Exploring the Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoscale Multifunctional Surfaces
Andres F. Chaparro, Erick S. Vasquez and Keisha B. Walters

Fabrication of Non-Wetting Copper Surface Via Solution Immersion Process
John B. Votaw, Won Tae Choi and Dennis W. Hess

Fabrication and Optimization of Deep UV Photonic Crystals
Temi Olonilua, Kyle Hufziger and Sanford Asher

Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in a Complex Biological Medium
Arthur Sloan, Alinne Pereira, Joyanta Goswami, Mark R. Liles and Virginia A. Davis

Thermal Degradation of Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots
Christopher Kim, Mark Weidman and William A. Tisdale

Characterization of Material Properties Using Multiple Wavelength Interferometry
Anna Brown, Akshay Kundan, Joel L. Plawsky and Peter C. Wayner Jr.

Biohybrid Fibro-Porous Vascular Scaffolds: Effect of Crosslinking on Properties
Danna Nozik, Harsh Patel, Yogesh K. Vohra and Vinoy Thomas
File available
Fabrication of Amphiphobic Paper with Improved Mechanical Strength
Hanyang Li, Zhenguan Tang, Lu Jiang, Victor Breedveld and Dennis W. Hess

Synthesis of Tunable Spongy PVDF Membranes for Water Treatment Applications
Douglas Davenport, Li Xiao and Dibakar Bhattacharyya

Validation of High Throughput Electrochemial Gas Sensing Screening System
Zixuan Wang, Benjamin Ruiz-Yi, Jason Hattrick-Simpers and Jochen Lauterbach

Small Molecule Diffusion through Membranes for Use in Flow Battery and Fuel Cell Applications
Mary McBride, Samuel St. John, Gabriel Goenaga and Thomas Zawodzinksi Jr.

Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of an Aqueous Alkaline Developable Molecular Resist for Euv Lithography
Ashten L. Fralick, Clifford L. Henderson, Laren M. Tolbert, Brandon L. Sharp, Richard A. Lawson and Hannah L. Narcross

Composition Effects on the Optical and Mechanical Properties of Cellulose Nanocrystal Films
Joshua M. Passantino, Alexander D. Haywood, Partha Saha and Virginia Davis

Construction Board Made from Coconut Fiber
Christina Fenny, Richard Parnas and Cheng Diao
File available
Enhancement of Stability and Superhydrophilicity of Plasma-Modified Microfluidic Materials
Lea Winter, Bradley Da Silva, Guillaume Schelcher, Cedric Guyon, Daniel Bonn and Michael Tatoulian

Effect of Stresses during Algae Growth on the Dimensions of Extracted Cellulose Nanocrystals
Aaron Lindsay, Jessica Miller, Reza Foudazi, Abbas Ghassemi and Jalal Rastegary

Reduced Fibroblast to Myofibroblast Differentiation on the Surface of MMP-Inhibiting Substrates
Catherine E. Le Denmat, Kiva D. Forsmark and Kaitlin M. Bratlie

Utilization of Optical Emission Spectroscopy in Characterization of Microwave Plasma
Anna-Marie Weed, Vincent M. Donnelly, Demetre J. Economou and Vladimir Samara
File available
Investigation of Materials in Solid State Thin Film Lithium Ion Batteries
Rahul Kini, Chen Xi, Ahmed Al-Obeidi and Carl Thompson

Elastic Properties of Bismuth Telluride Two-Dimensional Nanosheets
Haoming Yan, Hung-Ta Wang and Lingling Guo

Deposition of Cu(i)I for Thin Film Transistors Via Inkjet Printing
Marshall Allen, Chih-hung Chang and Chang-Ho Choi

Atomic Layer Deposition for Solar Energy Applications
Katharine V. Greco, Jie Qi and Brian G. Willis

Novel Silver/Carbon Material for 2, 4-Dinitrotoluene Detection
Bianca Davis, Kiara Moorer, Shamim Begum, Nader Vahdat, Samuel Hernandez-Rivera and Jonathan Mbah
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