94 Undergraduate Student Poster Session: Fuels, Petrochemicals, and Energy

Monday, November 17, 2014: 10:00 AM
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
One of nine student poster sessions.

Victor Breedveld
Email: victor.breedveld@chbe.gatech.edu

Ryan Toomey
Email: rtoomey@eng.usf.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

Nanostructured Nickel-Cobalt Oxide Spinel Films As a Bi-Functional Electrocatalyst in Alkaline Media
Julian A. Vigil, Timothy N. Lambert, Danae J. Davis and Suzanne E. White

High Performance Nickel Oxide Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries
Nicole Beauregard, Neil Spinner, Alessandro Palmieri and William E. Mustain

Polymer-Based Manufacturing of a Microscale Fuel Cell
Daniel Doleiden, Adam S. Hollinger, Gary Smith and Jason Williams
File available
Advanced Germanium Nanoparticle Composite Anodes Using Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Conductive Additives
Michael Dzara, Michael W. Forney, Amanda Doucett, Matthew Ganter, Jason Staub and Brian J. Landi

Effect of PEM Equivalent Weights and Carbon Electrodes on the Performance of All-Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
Melanie B. Lindsey, Ramez A. Elgammal, Zhijiang Tang, Gabriel A. Goenaga and Thomas A. Zawodzinski

The Electrolyte Equilibrium in Ion Exchange Polymers
Christopher Ludtka, Ramez A. Elgammal, Zhijiang Tang, Gabriel A. Goenaga and Thomas A. Zawodzinski

Characterization of Microbial Fuel Cell Materials
Christian Wilson, Douglas Aaron, Gabriel Goenaga and Thomas A. Zawodzinski

Solar Fuel Production Via Thermochemical Dissociation of H2O/CO2 Via Ferrite Based Redox Reactions
Jamila Folady, Dareen Dardor, Shahd Gharbia, Mehak Jilani, LJP van den Broeke, Anand Kumar, Ivo Alxneit and Rahul Bhosale

Carbon Dioxide Gas Delivery to Thin-Film Aqueous Systems Via Hollow Fiber Membranes
Alex Moix, Lauren Merriman, Bob Beitle and Jamie A. Hestekin

Incorporation of High Pressure Clc into IGCC Systems for Carbon Capture
Oscar Nordness, Zhiquan Zhou and George M. Bollas

Glucose Sensor Fusion Using a Kalman Filter
Samantha Weiss, Gilles Clermont, Timothy Knab, Ari Pritchard-Bell and Robert S. Parker

Electrochemically Active Composite Nanofibers By Electrospinning
Ziev Basson, Prashanth Jampani and Prashant N. Kumta

N-Doped Graphene-Based Bulk Materials for Energy Storage Applications
Ashley Ware, David Baah and Jonathan C. Mbah

Electrodeposition of Palladium from Extracted Nuclear Waste
Eriugen Gjoka, Elizabeth J. Biddinger and Sujan Shrestha

Role of Aromatics in Synthetic Jet Fuels
Mohamed Hafis, Muaz Selam and Nimir El-bashir
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