405 Single and Multistage Cross Flow Filtration Processes: Fundamentals and Applications

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 3:15 PM
301 (Hilton Atlanta)
The session solicits papers on modeling, theories and applications of cross flow filtration. Studies on filtrate flux modeling, permeate flux reduction,design issues, filter onstream regeneration, industrial applications, and other issues affecting operation, performance and economic viability of cross flow filtration processes are welcome.

Fluid-Particle Separations
Process Research and Innovation (12a), Pilot Plants (12b)

Seyi A. Odueyungbo
Email: seyiodu@chevron.com

Raymond Collins
Email: rmcollins@dow.com

Yee Soong
Email: soong@netl.doe.gov

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3:15 PM
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