343 Novel Materials and Processes for Air Pollution Control

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 12:30 PM
International 1 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
Air pollution caused by gas emissions, such as toxic gases and radioactive gases, is becoming a critical issue for the wellness of environment and human beings. The development of novel adsorbents with large capacity and high selectivity together with processes developed to effectively reduce the emissions are the keys to remedy this issue. In this session, we welcome papers on novel materials and processes to reduce air pollution excluding CO2 capture.

Innovations of Green Process Engineering for Sustainable Energy and Environment

Jian Liu
Email: Jian.liu@pnnl.gov

Steven Ogunwumi
Email: OgunwumiSB@Corning.com

Bin Mu
Email: bmu@asu.edu

1:45 PM
(343d) Removal of Low Concentration Radioactive Noble Gases Using Metal-Organic Frameworks-a Column Breakthrough Study
Jian Liu, Praveen K. Thallapally, Denis M. Strachan, Carlos A. Fernandez and Paul F. Martin

2:10 PM
(343e) Novel Porous Carbon Adsorbents for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas and Natural Gas Upgrade
Jun Wang, Zheling Zeng, Jiangfeng Yang, Rajamani Krishna and Shuguang Deng

2:35 PM
(343f) Nanoporous Carbon from Renewables for Supercapacitor Applications
Satish Nune, Ju-Won Jeon, Libing Zhang, John Lemmon, Melvin P Tucker, B. Peter McGrail and Bin Yang