485 Applications in Immunology and Immunotherapy

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 12:30 PM
201 (Hilton Atlanta)
This session highlights applying both conventional and emerging systems concepts from biochemical engineering to aid in understanding immunology and developing immunotherapies. Presentations are invited on the latest developments that have direct relevance to immunology/immunotherapy: (1) experimental approaches that measure immune molecules and immune cell functions including the applications of –omics technologies, (2) molecular engineering, (3) design of next generation assays and (4) computational approaches to analyze, model or predict behavior.

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science
Biomedical Applications of Chemical Engineering (T7), Systems and Process Control (10B)

Navin Varadarajan
Email: nvaradar@Central.UH.EDU

Christopher Jewell
Email: cmjewell@umd.edu

12:48 PM
(485b) Using Deep Sequencing Data to Characterize Immune Repertoires
Robert J. Pantazes, Jack Riefert and Patrick S. Daugherty

1:24 PM
(485d) T-Cell Receptor and Peptide-MHC Mechanosensing at the Single-Molecule Level
Dibyendu Kumar Das, Yinnian Feng, Robert Mallis, Ellis Reinherz and Matthew Lang

2:18 PM
(485g) Combination Vaccines Based on Polyanhydride Nanoparticles and Cyclic Dinucleotides Against Bacterial Pathogens
Shannon Haughney, Janice King, David Briles, Paul Lueth, Thomas Dubensky, Bryan H. Bellaire, Michael J. Wannemuehler and Balaji Narasimhan

2:36 PM
(485h) The Design of Antimicrobial and Wound Healing Detachable Thin Films
Margaret Cassin, Dwi Susanti, Biswarup Mukhopadhyay and Padmavathy Rajagopalan
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