205 Nucleic Acid Delivery

Monday, November 17, 2014: 3:15 PM
201 (Hilton Atlanta)
Successful translation of nucleic acid therapies into the clinic hinges on efficient delivery into the desired sub-cellular compartment. Achieving this goal of intracellular delivery requires understanding and overcoming a multitude of biological barriers. As such, this session seeks to explore topics associated with (but not limited to) fundamental studies on key extracellular/intracellular pathways, trafficking of delivery vehicles, and design and development of novel carriers, in order to overcome biological barriers resulting in high efficacies of nucleic acid treatments in vitro and in vivo

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science
Biomedical Applications of Chemical Engineering (T7)

Christopher A. Alabi
Email: caa238@cornell.edu

Kaushal Rege
Email: krege@asu.edu

3:15 PM
(205a) Inhibition of Intracellular Histone Deacetylate (HDAC) Enzymes for Enhancement of Transient Transgene Expression
Jacob Elmer, Matthew Christensen, Sutapa Barua, Jennifer Lehrman and Kaushal Rege

4:09 PM

4:27 PM
(205e) pH-Responsive Chitosan Nanoparticles As a Gene Therapy-Based Nanoantibiotic
Julius A, Edson, Sukumar Pal, Shirley Wu, Bianca Lee, Luiz de la Maza and Young Jik Kwon

4:45 PM
(205f) Improvements in Nucleic Acid Delivery Using VSV-G Vesicles
Mathias Mangion, Igor Slivac, Alexandre Audy, Jacques-P Tremblay, Chantale Maltais, Alain Garnier and Bruno Gaillet

5:21 PM
(205h) Combinatorial Synthesis of Lipid-Conjugated Aminoglycoside-Derived Polymers for Transgene Delivery
Bhavani Miryala, Zhuo Zhen, Thrimoorthy Potta, Curt Breneman and Kaushal Rege
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