17 Mechanistic Understanding and Characterization of the Film Coating Process

Sunday, November 16, 2014: 3:30 PM
209 (Hilton Atlanta)
The film coating is a common unit operation in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, nutraceutical and metallurgical industries. It provides functional coating with additional roles despite several challenges that impact the product quality and cause problems, such as chipping, blistering, picking, and film cracking. The role of modeling has become more prominent in process understanding as the models can be used for virtual experiments to reduce number of actual experiment and map out the design space. This session is devoted to the implementation of novel mechanistic studies and models that assist the design, characterization, optimization and scale up of film coating process. Modeling research including DEM, Monte Carlo, CFD, Population balance, thermodynamic or other approaches would link critical operating conditions to the coating quality and uniformity.

Solids Flow, Handling and Processing

Preetanshu Pandey
Email: preetanshu.pandey@bms.com

Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri
Email: Bodhi.Chaudhuri@uconn.edu

4:20 PM
(17c) Studying the Details of Tablet Coating By Using the Discrete Element Method
Gregor Toschkoff, Johannes G. Khinast and Ydalia Mercado-Delgado

4:45 PM
(17d) Intra-Tablet Coating Uniformity of Various Pharmaceutical Tablet Shapes
Ben Freireich, William R. Ketterhagen, Rahul Kumar, Ke Su, Carl R. Wassgren and Axel Zeitler

5:10 PM
(17e) Coating Process Thermodynamics and Its Relevance to the Chemical and Physical Stability of Drug Product
Preetanshu Pandey, Dilbir Bindra, Umesh Kestur, Brian Zacour, Shruti Gour, Ganeshkumar Subramanian, Divyakant Desai and Sherif Badawy
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