357 Transport of Environmental Contaminants Related to Energy Processes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 12:30 PM
M102 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
The environment is contaminated by an array of pollutants stemming from energy-related activities such as the acquisition, refinement, combustion/utilization, and accidental release of fuels. This session emphasizes the understanding of contaminant transport in environmental media (e.g., air, groundwater, oceans, soil, etc.) and industrial operations. Papers are invited on topics including the physical, chemical and biological processes that pollutants undergo upon release; the effects of interacting mixtures and complex systems on contaminant fate and transport; remediation methods; release prevention; and other issues, challenges, and solutions on which laboratory, pilot, or field-scale studies shed light.

Transport and Energy Processes
Fossil Fuels & CCS (T4G)

James W. Rice
Email: james_rice@brown.edu

Megan A. Creighton
Email: Megan_Creighton@brown.edu

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12:49 PM
(357b) Morphology and Release Kinetics Parameters of Mercury in Coal Gangue
Libao Yin, Peixin Wu, Zhengyang Gao and Shaokun Lv

1:27 PM
(357d) Residual Solvent Release from Froth Treatment Tailings
Yuming Xu, Tadeusz Dabros, Jianying Wu and Jianmin Kan

1:46 PM
File available
2:24 PM

2:43 PM
(357h) Impacts of Particle-Based Dispersants on Benzene Bioavailability and on Toxicity Using Artemia Franciscana As a Model Organism
Megan A. Creighton, April Rodd, J René Rangel-Méndez, Charles Vaslet, Agnes Kane and Robert Hurt
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