257 Fundamentals of Interfacial Phenomena I

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 8:30 AM
208 (Hilton Atlanta)
This session deals with experimental and theoretical studies of fundamental issues of interfaces in natural and engineered systems. Specific topics will include thermodynamics of interfaces; intermolecular and interparticle interactions; surface forces; electrostatic and electrokinetic phenomena at interfaces; contact angle phenomena and wetting; liquid surfaces; adsorption and desorption; surface modification; self- and directed- assembly; emulsions, micelles, and foams; thin films; and interfacial mass transfer.

Interfacial Phenomena

Marina Tsianou
Email: mtsianou@buffalo.edu

Jacinta C. Conrad
Email: jcconrad@uh.edu

Sergey Vasenkov
Email: svasenkov@che.ufl.edu

Meenakshi Dutt
Email: meenakshi.dutt@rutgers.edu

8:30 AM
(257a) First Principles-Based Design of Surfaces for Adsorbate-Triggered Anchoring Transitions in Liquid Crystals
Luke T. Roling, Jessica Scaranto, Jeffrey A. Herron, John Cayton, Jacob Hunter, Nicholas L. Abbott and Manos Mavrikakis

8:45 AM
(257b) Determination of Hydration Lubrication Regime in Sparse Zwitterionic Monolayers
Christoph Klein, Christopher R. Iacovella, Clare McCabe and Peter T. Cummings

9:15 AM

9:30 AM
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