716 Colloidal Assembly and Device Fabrication

Thursday, November 20, 2014: 3:15 PM
208 (Hilton Atlanta)
Colloidal Assembly and Device Fabrication

Interfacial Phenomena

Peng Jiang
Email: pjiang@che.ufl.edu

Ilona Kretzschmar
Email: kretzschmar@ccny.cuny.edu

3:18 PM
(716a) Assembling Self-Repairing Ultra-Flexible Magnetic Chains and Networks By Nanocapillary Binding
Bhuvnesh Bharti, Anne-Laure Fameau, Michael Rubinstein and Orlin D. Velev

3:36 PM
(716b) Self-Assembly of Magnetic Janus Nanodumbbells
Marco Lattuada and Florian Guignard

3:54 PM
(716c) Anisotropic Hypersonic Phonon Propagation in Films of Aligned Ellipsoids
Peter J. Beltramo, Dirk Schneider, George Fytas and Eric M. Furst

4:12 PM
(716d) Shaping Colloids for Materials Design
Greg van Anders, Daphne Klotsa and Sharon C. Glotzer

4:30 PM
(716e) Shape Memory Assemblies of Janus Ellipsoids
Benjamin Schultz, Aayush A. Shah, Wenjia Zhang, Sharon C. Glotzer and Michael J. Solomon

5:06 PM
(716g) Elasto-Capillary Interactions Between Solid Spheres at Smectic Thin Films
Mohamed Amine Gharbi, Daniel Beller, Randall D. Kamien, Shu Yang and Kathleen J. Stebe
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