458 Omics in Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 8:30 AM
206 (Hilton Atlanta)
The applications of the advanced Omics in cell engineering, clone evaluation, feeding strategy development, medium and feed development, bioreactor process parameter optimization, and quality control in manufacturing will be highlighted. The advanced Omics technologies, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and other Omics analysis,will be considered in this session.


Margaret Liu
Email: mliu@eng.ua.edu

Jianxin Sun
Email: sun187osu@gmail.com

8:30 AM
(458a) Transcriptome of CHO Cells Producers of Recombinant Tpa Cultured Under Moderate Hypothermia
Andrea Bedoya-López, Karel Estrada, Alejandro Sanchez-Flores, Octavio T. Ramírez, Claudia Altamirano, Mauricio Trujillo-Roldán and Norma Valdez-Cruz

9:30 AM
(458d) Strategic Genome Design to Improve Bioseparation
Bob Beitle, Ellen M. Brune, McKinzie Fruchtl, Ralph Henry and Mohammad M. Ataai

9:50 AM
(458e) Transcriptomic Analysis of Clonal Variation in Pichia Pastoris
Rochelle Aw, Geraint Barton, David J. Leak and Karen M. Polizzi

10:10 AM

10:50 AM
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