494 Computational Systems Biology in Biopharmaceutical Development

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 12:30 PM
206 (Hilton Atlanta)
This session will highlight the application of computational and systems biology approach in biopharmaceutical development. Papers integrating mathematical modeling, experimental measurement, and data analysis, as well as innovative biopharmaceuticals or new therapy will be encouraged.


Lufang Zhou
Email: lfzhou@uab.edu

Andrzej Przekwas
Email: ajp@cfdrc.com

12:52 PM

1:36 PM
(494d) Modeling the Formation and Function of Responsive Peptide Systems
Ming-Chien Hsieh, Chenrui Chen, Junjun Tan, Tolu Omosun, Anil Mehta, David Lynn and Martha Grover

1:58 PM
(494e) Modulating Shear with a Population Balance Equation Model to Sustain Aggregate Size Distributions in Plant Cell Culture
Sarah A. Wilson, Shashank N. Maindarkar, Michael Vilkhovoy, Michael A. Henson and Susan C. Roberts

2:20 PM
(494f) Metabolic Model-Guided Glycoengineering in Escherichia coli
Joseph A. Wayman, Thomas J. Mansell, Matthew P. DeLisa and Jeffery D. Varner
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