49 Catalysis with Microporous and Mesoporous Materials II

Monday, November 17, 2014: 8:30 AM
304 (Hilton Atlanta)
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Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Jason C. Hicks
Email: jhicks3@nd.edu

Taejin Kim
Email: taejin.kim@stonybrook.edu

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8:30 AM
(49a) Single-Step Delamination of a MWW Borosilicate Layered Zeolite Precursor Under Mild Conditions without Surfactant and Sonication
Xiaoying Ouyang, Son-Jong Hwang, Ron C. Runnebaum, Dan Xie, Ying-Jen Wanglee, Thomas Rea, Stacey I. Zones and Alexander Katz

9:10 AM
(49c) Catalyst Development for Ultra-Selective Production of p-Xylene from Cycloaddition of Dimethylfuran
Chun-Chih Chang, Sara K. Green, C. Luke Williams, Paul Dauenhauer and Wei Fan
File available
10:10 AM
(49f) Preparation of Isolated Iron Species in ZSM-5 for High Selectivity Alcohol Formation from Lower Alkanes Under Mild Conditions
Michael Forde, Graham J. Hutchings, Nikolaos Dimitratos, Robert Armstrong, Qian He and Peter Wells

10:30 AM
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