519 Particulate and Multiphase Flows II: Structure and Assembly

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 12:30 PM
Marquis Ballroom A (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
This session of contributed talks focuses on theoretical, experimental, and numerical studies on hydrodynamic phenomena in suspensions, slurries, and other dispersed multiphase systems including (but not limited to) solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, or bubbly-liquid systems.

Fluid Mechanics

Jim Swan
Email: jswan@MIT.EDU

Jacinta C. Conrad
Email: jcconrad@uh.edu

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12:45 PM
(519b) Numerical Computation of Permeability in Unstable Colloidal Gels
Alan L. Graham, Alex Mertz, Marc Ingber, Antonio Redondo and Lev Gelb

1:15 PM
(519d) Structural Origins and Nonlinear Mechanics during Yielding of a Heterogeneous Colloidal Gel
Matthew E. Helgeson, Juntae Kim, Dimitri Merger and Manfred Wilhelm

1:30 PM
(519e) Preferential Concentration Driven Instability of Sheared Gas-Solid Suspension
Mohamed H. Kasbaoui, Donald L. Koch, Ganesh Subramanian and Olivier Desjardins
File available
2:30 PM
(519i) Inertial Migration of Rigid Spherical and Non-Spherical Particles
Partha S. Goswami, Atul M. Bhagat and S. Mahesh Kumar

2:45 PM
(519j) Computational Investigation of Scale Effects in Spouted Fluidized Beds
Doris Prieling, Johannes G. Khinast and Benjamin J. Glasser
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