387 Interfacial and Non-Linear Flows I: Droplets and Emulsions

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 3:15 PM
M304 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
This session of contributed talks will focus on flows in which fluid interfaces play an essential role. Some topics of interest include the dynamics of thin liquid films and liquid bridges, motion of drops and bubbles, and the behavior of emulsions and foams.

Fluid Mechanics

Vivek Sharma
Email: viveks@uic.edu

Gordon F. Christopher
Email: gordon.christopher@ttu.edu

3:15 PM
(387a) Spreading of Miscible Sessile Drops
Dan Walls and Gerald G. Fuller

4:00 PM
(387d) Simulations of Splashing Micro-Scale Droplets on a Dry Surface
Arnout Boelens, Cacey Stevens, Andrzej Latka, Sidney Nagel and Juan J. DePablo

4:30 PM
(387f) Determining the Dynamic Interfacial Tension during Droplet/Bubble Generation Process in T-Junction and Co-Flowing Microchannels
Kai Wang, Jianhong Xu, Xueying Wang, Antoine Riaud, Wanlu Zhang, Pengfei Dong, Huawei Shao, Lu Yang and Guangsheng Luo

4:45 PM
(387g) Nanoemulsions Obtained Via Bubble Bursting at a Compound Interface
Jie Feng, Matthieu Roche, Daniele Vigolo, Luben Arnaudov, Simeon Stoyanov, Theodor Gurkov, Gichka Tsutsumanova and Howard A. Stone

5:30 PM
(387j) Interfacial Arrest and Packing in Nonspherical Pickering Droplets
Patrick T. Spicer, Zengyi Wei and Timothy Atherton
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