142 Microfluidic and Microscale Flows II: Particle and Droplet Manipulation

Monday, November 17, 2014: 12:30 PM
Marquis Ballroom A (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
This session of contributed talks will focus on microhydrodynamic phenomena in the low-Reynolds number regime. Topics will include studies of flow, particle manipulation, and heat and mass transfer in microfluidic devices.

Fluid Mechanics

Charles Sing
Email: charles.sing@northwestern.edu

Jason Butler
Email: butler@che.ufl.edu

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12:45 PM

1:00 PM
(142c) Acoustic Propulsion of Bubble-Engined Microswimmers
Amir Nourhani, Daniel Ahmed, Mengqian Lu, Paul E. Lammert, Vincent H. Crespi and Tony Jun Huang

1:15 PM
(142d) Bead-Assisted Bacterial Separation through Fluid Exchange in Droplets
Sida Wang, Ki-Joo Sung, Xiaoxia (Nina) Lin and Mark A. Burns

2:00 PM
(142g) Control Based Techniques for Microfluidic Particle Trapping
Anish Shenoy, Christopher V. Rao and Charles M. Schroeder

2:15 PM

2:45 PM
(142j) Mechanical Response of Cancer Cells in Confined Microcapillary Flow
Zeina S. Khan, Nabiollah Kamyabi, Jerzy Blawzdiewicz, Fazle Hussain and Siva A. Vanapalli
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