373 Colloidal Hydrodynamics II: Structure and Microrheology

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 3:15 PM
Marquis Ballroom A (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
This session will focus on phenomena of microscopic and macroscopic hydrodynamics in colloidal suspensions. Contributions of interest include, but are not limited to, phenomena involving the coupling of fluid dynamics with Brownian motion, inter-particle forces, and external fields.

Fluid Mechanics

Eric M. Furst
Email: furst@udel.edu

Roseanna Zia
Email: zia@cbe.cornell.edu

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3:15 PM

3:45 PM
(373c) Particle Mobility Near a Slip Planar Surface
Isaac Torres-Diaz and Carlos Rinaldi

4:15 PM
(373g) Self-Assembly and Gelation of Peptide Hydrogels Investigated with Diffusing-Wave Spectroscopy
Peter J. Beltramo, Katelyn J. Nagy, Joel P. Schneider and Eric M. Furst

4:45 PM
(373e) Mobility of Nanoparticles in Semi-Dilute Polymer Solutions
Firoozeh Babaye Khorasani, Ryan Poling-Skutvik, Ramanan Krishnamoorti and Jacinta C. Conrad

5:30 PM
(373j) Flow in Irregular Geometries Simulated By Dissipative Particle Dynamics Guided By Body Forces,
Bruce Caswell, Mingge Deng, Alireza Razdani and George Em Karniadakis
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