604 Poster Session: Sustainability and Sustainable Biorefineries

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 6:00 PM
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)

Sustainable Biorefineries

Susan M. Stagg-Williams
Email: smwilliams@ku.edu

Mark Mba Wright
Email: markmw@iastate.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(483d) Influence of Feedstock on Biodiesel Corrosiveness and Degradation
Isabella P. Aquino, Tais P. Alves, Felipe de Freitas R. Da Silva, Idalina V. Aoki and Ricardo Torres

(604ab) Fuels and Chemicals from Wastes through Anaerobic Digestion
Emmanuel Revellame, Dhan Lord Fortela, William Holmes, Rafael Hernandez and Mark Zappi
File available
(604ac) Evaporator Fouling Tendencies of Thin Stillage from the Dry Grind Process
Ravi K. Challa, David B. Johnston, Vijay Singh, M. E. Tumbleson, Mary-Grace C. Danao, Nicki J. Engeseth and Kent D. Rausch

(604ag) Pretreatment and Fractionation of Corn Stover Using Low Moisture Anhydrous Ammonia (LMAA)
Roent Dune Cayetano, Gyong Gil Lee, Rubee koju Shrestha, Nhuan P. Nghiem, Kurt A. Rosentrater and Tae Hyun Kim

(604ah) Metal Catalyzed Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide Pretreatment of Hardwoods
Namita Bansal, Aditya Bhalla, Zhenglun Li, David Hodge and Eric Hegg

(604ai) Fractionation of Corn Stover By Non-Isothermal Flow-through (NIFT) Reaction
Gyong Gil Lee, Roent Dune Cayetano, Rubee koju Shrestha, Jun Seok Kim and Tae Hyun Kim

(604aj) Ash Reduction Methods to Provide Least Cost Feedstocks for Conversion Processes
John E. Aston, Robert S. Cherry, Jeffrey A. Lacey, Tyler L. Westover and David N. Thompson

(604ak) Strategies to Improve Cu(bpy)-Catalyzed AHP Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Aditya Bhalla, Namita Bansal, Zhenglun Li, David Hodge and Eric Hegg

(604b) Screening Oleaginous Yeast for Lipid Production
Bruce S. Dien, C.P Kurtzman, R.L Evangelista, B. Moser, Badal C. Saha, Michael A. Cotta, Venkatesh Balan, Ming Jie Jin, Leonardo da costa Sousa and Bruce E. Dale

File available
(604g) Transesterification of Sunflower Oil Produced By Solvent Extraction
Maristhela P. de A. Marin, Luís Fernando Novazzi and Matheus Leda Denari

(604j) Carbon Footprint Analysis of Hydrotreated Renewable Jet (HRJ) from Rapeseed in Rotation with Wheat
Suchada Ukaew, David R. Shonnard, Kristin C. Lewis, David W. Archer and Joon Hee Lee

(604m) Life Cycle Analysis on the Combined Separation and Dehydration Steps of Bio-Ethanol Production
Fernando Daniel Mele, Michel Kahwaji Janho, Jorge E. Gatica, Mauricio Colombo and María Rosa Hernández
File available
(604o) Techno-Economical and Environmental Analysis of the Production of Value-Added Metabolites in the Amazon
Angela González, Paola Moreno, Carlos A. Cardona, Eulogio Castro and Alvaro Gómez

(604p) The Effect of Heat Carrier Properties on Pyrolysis Products in an Auger Pyrolyzer
Tannon J. Daugaard, Mark Mba Wright, Dustin Dalluge and Robert C. Brown

(604s) Synthesis of AlPO4-18 Membrane for Water/Acetic Acid Separation
Masahiro Seshimo, Sonosuke Ishiguro, Takashi Kuramoto and Masahiko Matsukata

(604t) Pyrolytic Fractionation of the Biomass Lipids: Catalyst-Free Conversion of the Resulting Vapors to Hydrocarbons
Yaser Shirazi, Balakrishna Maddi, Brook Urban, Sasidhar Varanasi and Sridhar Viamajala

(604u) Effect of Lignin Content on Pyrolysis Bio-Oil Properties
Bethany Klemetsrud, Jordan Klinger, David R. Shonnard and Ezra Bar Ziv

(604w) Effect of Kinetic Limitations on Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production Efficiency
Brian D. Ehrhart, Christopher L. Muhich, Ibraheam Alshankiti and Alan W. Weimer

(604x) Steam Gasification Characteristics of Waterweeds
Hiroki Akagi, Masanori Ochi, Junichi Ida, Tatsushi Matsuyama and Hideo Yamamoto
File available
(604z) A New “Cross Metathesis” Synthesis Route for Producing Nylon 12 and Nylon 13 Precursors from Methyl Oleate
Godwin Abel, Kim Nguyen, Sridhar Viamajala, Sasidhar Varanasi and Kana Yamamoto
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