397 Ontology Engineering: Theory and Applications

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 3:15 PM
404 - 405 (Hilton Atlanta)
Ontology engineering in modern sense studies the methods and methodologies for building and applying ontologies for effective data, information and knowledge management across a broad range of applications in chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing. Papers are invited in the general area of ontology related applications in engineering, business and management. Topics include formal ontology design/modelling, ontology inference, matching, integration and alignment, ontology driven processes and design, as well as impact, relevance and new ontological concepts for respective areas.

Information Management and Intelligent Systems

Franjo Cecelja
Email: f.cecelja@surrey.ac.uk

Elisabet Capon
Email: elisabet.capon@chem.ethz.ch

Edrisi Muñoz
Email: emunoz@cimat.mx

Antonis C. Kokossis
Email: akokossis@mail.ntua.gr

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

3:35 PM
(397b) Ontology Engineering and Its Applications to the Development of Biorefineries
Vassilis Magioglou, Marinella Tsakalova and Antonis C. Kokossis

3:55 PM
File available
4:35 PM
(397e) Operations Research Ontology for Improving Optimization Frameworks
Edrisi Muñoz, Elisabet Capon, Antonio Espuña and Luis Puigjaner

4:55 PM
(397f) Automated Learning of a Materials Science Ontology Using Natural Language Processing of Abstracts
Matthew Conway, Jonathan Packer, Daniel V. Esposito and Venkat Venkatasubramanian

5:15 PM
(397g) Semantically Enabled Technology for Port Symbiosis
Georgios Lignos and Antonis C. Kokossis
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