499 Environmental Applications of Adsorption: Gas Phase

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 12:30 PM
M302 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
This session seeks papers that describe environmental applications of gas/vapor-phase adsorption systems. This could include papers on fundamental studies, development and characterization of environmentally benefical adsorbent materials, and testing or demonstration of adsorption systems.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange (02E)

Nick Hutson
Email: hutson.nick@epa.gov

F. Handan Tezel
Email: handan.tezel@uottawa.ca

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

12:48 PM
(499b) A Generalized Model for Gas-Solid Adsorption Equilibria
Austin Ladshaw, Sotira Yiacoumi, Costas Tsouris, David DePaoli, Ronghong Lin and Lawrence L. Tavlarides

1:06 PM
(499c) Binding of SO3 to Fly Ash Components: CaO, MgO, Na2O and K2O
Benjamin Galloway, Erdem Sasmaz and Bihter Padak

1:42 PM
(499e) Atomic Layer Deposition Assisted Layer-By-Layer Growth of Metal Organic Frameworks on Polymer Fiber Mats for Hazardous Gas Adsorption
Junjie Zhao, Bo Gong, Paul C. Lemaire, William T. Nunn, Eric C. Stevens, Fahim I. Sidi, Matthew A. Browe, Gregory W. Peterson, Mark D. Losego and Gregory N. Parsons

2:00 PM
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