377 CO2 Capture By Adsorption II: Adsorbents

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 3:15 PM
310 (Hilton Atlanta)
Adsorption is seen as one of the viable technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. The development of improved adsorbents for CO2 separation from flue gas is considered a key step in carbon dioxide sequestration. The development of adsorbent materials with large capacity, high selectivity, high mechanical strength and hydrothermal stability is crucial. In this session, complementary to its sister session on “processes”, we welcome papers on adsorbents for CO2 capture and separation.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange
Fossil Fuels & CCS (T4G)

Joeri Denayer
Email: joeri.denayer@vub.ac.be

Holly M. Krutka
Email: hkrutka@yahoo.com

3:51 PM
(377c) Separation of Carbon Dioxide and Methane over Rb- and Cs-ZK-5 Zeolites
Tom Rémy, David Danaci, Sunil A. Peter, Leen Van Tendeloo, Sarah Couck, Jin Shang, Christine E.A. Kirschhock, Johan A. Martens, Gino Baron, Paul A. Webley and Joeri Denayer

4:45 PM

5:03 PM
(377g) Extending the Concept of Parasitic Energy By Introducing Water Competition
Johanna M. Huck, Lennart Joos, Li-Chiang Lin, Adam H. Berger, Abhoyjit S. Bhown, Karsten Reuter and Berend Smit

5:21 PM
(377h) Assessing the Stability of Amine-Based Hollow Fiber Sorbents to Flue Gas Impurities in Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
Fateme Rezaei, Yanfane Fan, Ying Labreche, Ryan Lively, William J. Koros and Christopher W. Jones
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