661 Adsorbent Materials

Thursday, November 20, 2014: 12:30 PM
312 (Hilton Atlanta)
This session presents the most recent advances in adsorbent materials.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Roger D. Whitley
Email: whitlerd@airproducts.com

T. Grant Glover
Email: glover@southalabama.edu

12:55 PM
(661b) Synthesis of Ionic Liquid Silica Composite Adsorbents
K. Neil Ruckart, Kevin N. West, Matthew Reichert, Jared B. DeCoste and T. Grant Glover

1:15 PM
(661c) Novel Iron Carbide-Derived Carbons with Embedded Fe Nanoparticles for Ammonia Filtration
Michael Mangarella, Jessica Ewbank, Michael Dutzer, Faisal M. Alamgir and Krista S. Walton

1:35 PM
(661d) Evaluation of Molybdenum-99 Sorbents for Medical Isotope Applications
Lee-Wei Kao, Lei Ling, Pei-Lun Chung, Amanda Youker, Dominique C. Stepinski, George F. Vandegrift and N.-H. Linda Wang

2:15 PM
(661f) Tailoring Resistivity of Engelhard Titanosilicate (ETS-10) Molecular Sieve By Carbon Addition
Pooya Shariaty, John D. Atkinson, Zaher Hashisho, James Sawada and Steven Kuznicki
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