214 Soft Matter Electrokinetics: Particles, Drops and Bubbles

Monday, November 17, 2014: 3:15 PM
Marquis Ballroom C (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
An applied electric field can be used to manipulate colloids, for example in the directed assembly of nanoparticles or in the deformation of drops. A host of electrokinetic phenomena are at play during these processes. Direct and indirect manipulation of particles, droplets, and bubbles is possible with electrophoresis, electroosmosis, dielectrophoresis, electrothermal flows, induced charge electrokinetics, and other electrokinetic/electrohydrodynamic phenomena. Papers both fundamental and applied in nature pertaining to the assembly or transport of particles, drops and bubbles via these or related physical phenomena will be welcomed. Papers relating to the broad areas of microfluidics and colloidal crystallization are particularly desirable.

2014 Annual Meeting of the AES Electrophoresis Society

Stuart J. Williams
Email: stuart.williams@louisville.edu

Christopher L. Wirth
Email: Chris.Wirth@cit.kuleuven.be

3:15 PM

4:05 PM
(214c) A Deep Tertiary Minimum in the Particle/Electrode Interaction Energy in Oscillatory Fields
William D. Ristenpart, Taylor Woehl, Kelley Heatley, Bing Jie Chen, Nicholas H. Talken and Cari S. Dutcher

5:20 PM
Optoelectric Trapping and Manipulation of Metal Nanoparticles
Avanish Mishra, Stuart J. Williams and Steven T. Wereley