513 Nanomaterials Manufacturing

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 12:30 PM
International 6 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
This session covers novel advances in the area of nanomaterials manufacturing, particularly in regard to the challenges regarding scaleup and use in existing industrial processes.

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum

Hebab A. Quazi
Email: hebab.quazi@willbros.com

Thomas Mensah
Email: thomasmensah55@yahoo.com

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1:45 PM
(513d) Scale-up of Nanoparticle Manufacturing By Flame Spray Pyrolysis
Karsten Wegner, Arto J. Gröhn and Sotiris E. Pratsinis

2:10 PM
(513e) Numerical Analisys of Multicomponent Catalysts Production By Double Flame Spray Pyrolysis (DFSP)
Dirceu Noriler, Maximilian J Hodapp, Florian Meierhofer, Henry F. Meier and Udo Fritsching
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