263 Honorary Session I: Winston Ho

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 8:30 AM
302 (Hilton Atlanta)
Session to honor Professor Winston Ho.

Membrane-Based Separations

D.B. Bhattacharyya
Email: db@engr.uky.edu

Tarun Poddar
Email: tpoddar@att.net

8:30 AM

8:55 AM
(263b) Ultrathin High Flux Membranes: Importance of Microporous Support
Lingxiang Zhu, Weiguang Jia, Haiqing Lin, Koushik Ponnuru and Edward P. Furlani

9:45 AM
(263d) New Membrane Morphologies for PEM Fuel Cells
Peter N. Pintauro and Ryszard Wycisk

10:10 AM
(263e) Recovery and Separation of Rare-Earth Metal Ions By Using Supported Liquid Membranes with Strip Dispersion
I-Wei Chang, Jia-Yun Han, Yu-Wei Chen, Tzu-Yang Hsien, Hsyue-Jen Hsieh, Juin-Yih Lai and Da-Ming Wang
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