609 Advances in Food and Bioprocess Engineering

Thursday, November 20, 2014: 8:30 AM
207 (Hilton Atlanta)
This session will highlight recent advances in bioprocess and food engineering. Papers addressing issues and novel technologies related to food and bioprocessing from both academics and industry will be considered for presentation in this session.


Yinming Du
Email: yinmingdu@gmail.com

Ying Jin
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Margaret Liu
Email: mliu@eng.ua.edu

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8:48 AM
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9:06 AM
(609c) Analysis of the Supercritical Extraction of Anthocyanins. the Andes Berry Case
Javier Davila Sr., Moshe Rosenberg, Gonzalo Taborda Sr., Carlos A. Cardona, Valentina Aristizábal and Laura V. Daza

9:42 AM

9:52 AM
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