528 Reaction Engineering for Combustion and Pyrolysis

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 12:30 PM
308 (Hilton Atlanta)
Topics covered range from detailed chemical kinetics and reacting flow simulation methods and experimental measurements through practical industrial engineering of high-temperature processes.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division
BioFuels (T4F)

Bihter Padak
Email: padak@cec.sc.edu

Claude Franklin Goldsmith III
Email: franklin.goldsmith@gmail.com

12:30 PM
(528a) Experimental and Modeling Study of 2-Butene and Isobutene Pyrolysis
Kun Wang, Stephanie M. Villano and Anthony M. Dean

12:50 PM
(528b) Predictive Kinetic Modeling of Formation of Aromatics during Pyrolysis of Alcohol Fuels
Shamel S. Merchant, Aäron G. Vandeputte, Ruben De Bruycker, Marie-Françoise Reyniers, Kevin M. Van Geem and William H. Green Jr.

1:10 PM
(528c) The Role of Aerosols in Hypergolic Ignition
Craig D. Needham and Phillip R. Westmoreland

1:50 PM
(528e) Molten Salt Pyrolysis of Waste Polystyrene
Muteb Awaji, Abdulaziz Alamer, Ravindra Datta and Michael T. Timko

2:10 PM
(528f) Development of an Improved Kinetic Mechanism for the Pyrolysis of Anisole in H2 Environment
Yogesh Koirala, Stephanie M. Villano, Anthony M. Dean, Hans-Heinrich Carstensen, Marie-Françoise Reyniers and Guy B. Marin
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