600 Poster Session: Catalysis and Reaction Engineering (CRE) Division

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 6:00 PM
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
This is the Poster Session of CRE Division. All papers in catalysis and reaction engineering are invited. An award is given annually to the best paper in each of the catalysis and reaction engineering areas (see the CRE web site for details).

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Lars C. Grabow
Email: grabow@uh.edu

Yuriy Roman
Email: yroman@mit.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(600ac) Investigation of Arsenic Poisoning on Novel SCR Catalysts
Benjamin Galloway, Chao Wang, Erdem Sasmaz, Jochen Lauterbach and Bihter Padak

(600ae) Kinetics of Hydroesterification of Ethylene Using Homogeneous Palladium Complex Catalyst
Yanyan DIao, Ling Wang, Pu Yang, Fengfei Feng and Suojiang Zhang

(600ah) Oleic Acid Decarboxylation and Further Transformation over Pt/SAPO-11 and Pt/Al2O3
Masoudeh Ahmadi, Eugenia Macias, Jacek Jasinski, Paul Ratnasamy and Moises A. Carreon

(600ai) Conversion of Glycerol in a Zeolitic Microreactor
Siu Ming Kwan, Yakub Fam, King Lun Yeung, Vanesa Calvino-Casilda, Fernando Rubio-Marcos, José F. Fernández and Miguel A. Bañares

(600al) Non-Oxide Co ALD Catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Staci A. Van Norman, Caitlin E. Majlinger, John L. Falconer and Alan W. Weimer

(600ao) Hydrothermal Production of Aviation Fuels from Microalgae Lipids
Jie Fu, Cuiyue Yang, Jianghua Wu, Zhaoyin Hou and Xiuyang Lu

(600bb) Simultaneous CO2 Valorization and DME Production Using a Packed-Bed Mem-Brane Reactor with in Situ Water Removal
Gabriel Zarca, Nazely Diban, Ane Urtiaga, Inmaculada Ortiz, Javier Ereña and Andres T. Aguayo

(600bh) Catalyst/Support Interactions Between Pt Nanoparticles and Amorphous Silica
Christopher S. Ewing, Michael J. Hartmann, Surya Padinjarekutt, Allison M. Musto, Elliott M. Weiss, Kaitlin R. Martin, Daniel S. Lambrecht, Götz Veser, Joseph J. McCarthy and J. Karl Johnson

(600bj) Nobel Metal-Based Bifunctional Catalysts for Bioethanol Conversion into Ethyl Acetate
Jean Marcel R. Gallo, Murillo C. Ribeiro, Clelia Mara Paula Marques and José Maria Corrêa Bueno

(600bz) Mechanistic Insights into Rate-Dominant Transport Barriers in MFI Structured Zeolites
Andrew R. Teixeira, Xiaoduo Qi, Wm. Curtis Conner Jr., Wei Fan and Paul J. Dauenhauer
File available
(600c) Numerical Simulation for Coating Process of TiN Thin Film By a Thermal CVD Method
Yuya Hatori, Takahoshi Omayu, Ken-ichiro Tanoue and Tatsuo Nishimura

(600cd) High Pressure Catalytic Conversion of n-Pentane on H-ZSM-5
Edward Schreiner, Shewangizaw Teketel and Raul F. Lobo
File available
(600cj) The Effect of Graphene As a Support for Non-PGM Bifunctional Oxygen Catalyst in Rechargeable Metal/Air Batteries
Miguel Garcia-Contreras, Pooya Hosseini Benhangi, Amin Taheri Najafabadi and Elod Gyenge

(600d) Direct Synthesis of Allyl Compound from Polyols over Iron-Oxide Based Catalyst
Teruoki Tago, Hirofumi Shitara, Kazuhiro Terai, Yuta Nakasaka and Takao Masuda

(600g) Highly Crystalline Multimetallic Nanoframes with Three-Dimensional Electrocatalytic Surfaces
Yijin Kang, Chen Chen, Joshua Snyder, Nenad Markovic, Peidong Yang and Vojislav Stamenkovic

(600j) The Characterization of Micro-Structure of Cobalt on Gamma-Al2O3 for FTS:Effects of Pretreatment on Ru-Co/ Al2O3
Jae-sun Jung, Jae-suk Lee, Garam Choi, Gi Hoon Hong, Eun-hyeok Yang and Dong Ju Moon
File available
(600k) Mechanism and Reaction Kinetics for Hydrotreatment of PALM OIL for Greendiesel Production
Felipe Vélez, Koji Sakashita, Sachio Asaoka, Atsushi Ishihara, Diana López, Gina Hincapié, David Tapia and Alejandro Molina

(600m) A Novel Membrane Reactor for Methanol Synthesis
Sahar Soltani, Seyed Hamed Barghi, Zhongtang Li, Muhammad Sahimi and Theodore T. Tsotsis

(600s) Ab Initio Study of Solvent-Induced Frequency Shifts of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural
Tyler R. Josephson, George Tsilomelekis, Christina Bagia, Stavros Caratzoulas, Vladimiros Nikolakis and Dionisios G. Vlachos

(600u) Direct Formaldehyde Production from Synthesis Gas at Room Temperature
Alimohammad Bahmanpour, Andrew Hoadley and Akshat Tanksale

Reaction Engineering Alternatives to Waste Gasification for Sustainability
Joshua Cmar, Shreya Adhikari and Jorge E. Gatica
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