702 Science and Engineering of Catalyst Preparation II

Thursday, November 20, 2014: 12:30 PM
305 (Hilton Atlanta)
Let's prepare some catalyst - rationally! To help "transform the art of catalyst preparation into a science," papers are solicited which get at the fundamental, molecular-scale phenomena occurring in the synthesis of heterogeneous catalytic materials, and the exploitation of that knowledge to achieve rational control of catalytic structures. Experimental and theoretical work on model and high surface area systems is welcome.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Jinlong Gong
Email: jlgong@tju.edu.cn

Steven R. Saunders
Email: steven.r.saunders@wsu.edu

12:30 PM
(702a) Preparation of Subnanometer Au Particles
Zhen Wang, Jingmei Shen, M. Cem Akatay, Eric Stach, Mayfair C. Kung and Harold H. Kung

12:50 PM
(702b) Design of Ni Double Layer Hydroxide Based Catalysts with Long Term Deactivation Stability for Ethanol Reforming
Allison Cross, Khachatur V. Manukyan, Armenuhi Yeghishyan, Sergei Rouvimov and Eduardo E. Wolf

1:10 PM
(702c) Drying of Supported Catalysts in Packed Beds or on Belt Conveyors
Xue Liu, Johannes G. Khinast and Benjamin J. Glasser

1:30 PM

1:50 PM
(702e) Effects of Preparation Variables on an Alumina-Supported Fe/Cu/K Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst
Jonathon B. Horton, Kamyar Keyvanloo, Morris D. Argyle and William C Hecker

2:10 PM
(702f) Controlled Synthesis of Bimetallic Catalysts with Uniform Nanoparticle Size and Composition
Ana C. Alba-Rubio, Sikander H. Hakim, Thomas M. Gostanian, Canan Sener, Brandon J. O'Neill and James A. Dumesic

2:30 PM
(702g) Synthesis of Graphene Oxide Via Sonication-Free Exfoliation of Graphite Oxide
Isao Ogino, Yuya Yokoyama, Shinichiro Iwamura and Shin R. Mukai
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