12 Future Automotive Catalysis

Sunday, November 16, 2014: 3:30 PM
308 (Hilton Atlanta)
The three-way automotive catalyst technology has been one of the greatest successes in heterogeneous catalysis over the last 35 years. However, there is a recognized need for big steps in catalyst development paring with advanced combustion technologies that have offered significant improvement in fuel economy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. This session focuses on future automotive catalysis for lean NOx emission as well as low-temperature hydrocarbon controls. Contributions of this session will include expertise in automotive exhaust catalysis, computational catalysis, and catalyst characterization. The outcome will simultaneously advance both the science of a novel class of catalysts and their engineering for timely and critical energy- and environment-related applications.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

William F. Schneider
Email: wschneider@nd.edu

Arpad Somogyvari
Email: Arpad.Somogyvari@cummins.com

3:30 PM

4:10 PM
(12c) Titration of Brønsted Acid Sites in Cu-Zeolites and Their Mechanistic Roles in Standard SCR
Shane A. Bates, Anuj Verma, W. Nicholas Delgass, Fabio H. Ribeiro, Jeffrey T. Miller and Rajamani Gounder

4:30 PM
(12d) A Molecular Level Understanding of NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction in Cu-SSZ-13 from First Principles
Christopher Paolucci, Anuj Verma, Shane A. Bates, Jeffrey T. Miller, Rajamani Gounder, W. Nicholas Delgass, Fabio Ribeiro and William F. Schneider

4:50 PM
(12e) Promoting Effect of WO3 on DeNOx Activity of Ag/Al2O3 for Ethanol/SCR
Pyung Soon Kim, Yelin Kim, Byong K. Cho and In-Sik Nam

5:10 PM
(12f) Highly Dispersed Fe-Oxide Catalysts for Reduction of NOx By CO: Synthesis, Evaluation, & Operando XAS
Charles A. Roberts, Dario Prieto-Centurion, Yasutaka Nagai, Yusaku F. Nishimura, Johan van Lierop and Justin M. Notestein

5:30 PM
(12g) Effect of Aging Conditions on Model Pd Three-Way Catalysts
Jason Lupescu, Robert W. McCabe, Kevin Rhodes, Mark Jagner, Yisun Cheng, Kevin A. Dahlberg, Xiaoyin Chen, Galen B Fisher and Johannes W. Schwank
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