599 Poster Session: Bioengineering

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 6:00 PM
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
This poster session presents quantitative bioengineering research projects, both finished and ongoing. This includes, but is not limited to, experimental, theoretical, and computational advances in metabolic engineering, protein engineering, synthetic biology, systems biology, and the bioproduction of renewable fuels, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals as well as bioinformatics, bioreactors, fermentation, cell culture, and downstream processing. We encourage the submission of high quality abstracts that describe quantitatively and specifically the research work to be presented.


Curt R. Fischer
Email: curt@ginkgobioworks.com

Xin Ge
Email: xge@engr.ucr.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(599aa) Expression and Production of the Glycoprotein APA (45/47 kDa); A Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Antigen Cloned in Pichia Pastoris
Daniel Juarez-Lopez Sr., Pedro Eduardo Lazaro-Mixteco Sr., Luz Andrea Fernandez Yańez, Mauricio Trujillo-Roldan and Norma A Valdez-Cruz

(599ad) Simple Improvements to Dynamic Control Schemes Improve Product Yield
A. Nolan Wilson, Taylor Cook, Erika Arvay, Anthony Guiseppi-Elie and Mark A. Blenner

(599aj) Elastin-like Polypeptide Tag Length Effect on Protein Expression and Purification
Miriam Shakalli Tang, Michael J. Coolbaugh, Richard A. Lease and David W. Wood

(599ak) Adequate and Simultaneous Accumulation of TCR-Pmhc Catch Bonds for Early T Cell Activation
Yinnian Feng, Dibyendu Kumar Das, Robert Mallis, Ellis Reinherz and Matthew Lang

(599au) Host-Independent T7 Expression System Based on Small RNA Regulation
Gang Wang, Qiang Li, Dikai Xu, Chen Chen, Mingxin Cui, Xiao Sun and Wenya Wang

(599ax) Lyophilized Cell-Free Systems for Robust, Modular Protein Expression
Mark T. Smith, Scott Berkheimer, Christopher Werner and Bradley C. Bundy

(599ba) Measuring the Mechanical Properties of Volvox By Direct Microcompression
Yang He, Tyler Johannes, Daniel W. Crunkleton and Michael Keller

(599bf) Intermediate Filaments Stiffen and Immobilize the Nucleus in Adherent Cells
Srujana Neelam, Yuan Li, Tanmay Lele and Richard Dickinson

(599bh) Production of Xylooligosaccharides from Beechwood Xylan and Sawdust By Using Clostridium Sp. BOH3 Xylanase
Gobinath Rajagopalan, Kavitha Shanmugavelu, Low Hong Wei, Eka Widianto Thamrin and Kun-Lin Yang

(599bj) Investigating the Physiological Implications of a Nanotopographically-Induced Alignment of Endothelial Cells
Jennifer Fischer, Allison Murner, Lindsay Gray, Thomas Dziubla, Christine Trinkle and Kimberly W. Anderson

(599bl) Degradation of Diesel, Oil and Phenol with Bacteria of the Genus Pseudomonas in Soil Microcosm Level
Yair Cruz-Narváez, Enrique Rico-Arzate, Jose J. Castro-Arellano, Hever Honorato-Cervantes and Vanessa Silva-Castro

(599bm) Targeted Curcumin Nanoparticles for Use As Radioprotectant of Lung Endothelial Cells in Radiation Therapy
Mark Bailey, Andrew Vasilakes, Kimberly Anderson, J. Zach Hilt and Thomas Dziubla
File available
(599bp) Investigation of the Effect of Electro-Chemotherapy on Tumor Cell Death Using the Thermofield® Technology
Maryam Moarefian, Dennis Clark, George Clark, Thad Perry and Jennifer Pascal

(599bu) Enhancement of Pigment Production By Penicillium Purpurogenum GH2 By Surfactant Micelle Aqueous Solution
Lourdes Morales-Oyervides, Jorge Oliveira, Maria J. Sousa-Gallagher, Julio Montanez and Alejandro Mendez-Zavala

(599bv) Immobilization of Penicillium Purpurogenum GH2 in Synthetic Support for Pigment Production
Lourdes Morales-Oyervides, Jorge Oliveira, Maria J. Sousa-Gallagher, Alejandro Mendez-Zavala and Julio Montanez

(599bx) Effect of Nitrogen Source on Carotenoid Production By Rhodotorula Glutinis P4M422 in a Medium Based on Goat MILK Whey
Luis C Mata Gomez, Alejandro Mendez Zavala, Cristobal N Aguilar Gonzalez and Julio C Montantez

(599by) Effect of Electric Field in Chlorophyll and Carotenoids Production By Chlorella vulgaris Under Photoeterotrophic Culture
Juan Roberto Benavente-Valdés, J. C. Montanez, C. N. Aguilar and Alejandro Méndez-Zavala
File available
(599ca) Optimization of Protein Production in Microfluidic Reactors By Material Selection, Scale, and Flow Control
Peter G. Shankles, Andrea Timm, Carmen M. Foster, Larry J. Millet, Sarah E. Norred, Patrick Caveney, Scott Retterer and Mitchel J Doktycz

(599cd) Engineering a Yeast Platform Strain for Industrial Production of Polyketides
Christopher Gowen, Sarat Cautha, Nicholas Gold, Francois-Xavier Lussier, Radhakrishnan Mahadevan and Vincent Martin

(599ck) Coenzyme Q Production in Metabolic Engineered Escherichia coli Strains
Rodrigo Andler, Felipe Guevara, Alvaro Diaz-Barrera and Irene Martinez

(599f) Butanol Production from Eastern Redcedar
Kan Liu, Hasan K. Atiyeh, Oscar Pardo-Planas, Karthikeyan Ramachandriya, Mark R. Wilkins, Thaddeus Ezeji, Victor Ujor and Ralph S. Tanner

(599i) Charge Engineering of Cellulases Improves Ionic Liquid Tolerance and Reduces Lignin Inhibition
Erik Nordwald, Roman Brunecky, Gregg T. Beckham, Mike Himmel and Joel L. Kaar

(599m) Quartz Crystal Microbalance Investigation of Cellulose Hydrolysis By Clostridium Thermocellum on Model Cellulose Films
Shanshan Zhou, Ravinder Garlapalli, Sue E. Nokes, Stephen E. Rankin and Barbara L. Knutson

(599o) Poly(β amino ester) Based Tablet Formulation for a Hydrophobic Drug
Vinod S. Patil, Douglass S. Kalika and Thomas D. Dziubla

(599r) Noncovalent Ternary Dispersions of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes for Controlled Cellular Delivery
Patrick D. Boyer, Gina Z. Lu, Brian D. Holt, Mohammad F. Islam and Kris Noel Dahl

(599s) Ritonavir Nanoparticles Stabilized By Amphiphilic Block Copolymers
Richey M. Davis, Sharavanan Balasubramaniam, Sanem Kayandan, Jue Liang, Bruce Orler, Robert Moore and Judy S. Riffle

(599v) Pancreas Digestion Using an Automated Tissue Digester
Zhongliang Lu, Eugene Boland, Paul W. Todd and Thomas R. Hanley

(599w) Electroporation-Delivered Protein Biosensors for Study of Molecular Activity
Chen Sun, Mingxing Ouyang, Shaoying Lu, Sai Ma, Yingxiao Wang and Chang Lu
File available
(599y) in vivo SHAPE-Seq: a method to determine the in-cell structure of RNA
Timothy Abbott, Kyle E. Watters and Julius B. Lucks

In-Cell RNA Structure Probing with Shape-Seq
Kyle E. Watters, Timothy Abbott and Julius B. Lucks

Metabolic Engineering Strategies For Extremely Thermophilic Microbial Hosts Are Informed By Detailed Reactions Kinetics Models For Multi-Step Pathways
Andrew Loder, Benjamin Zeldes, Aaron Hawkins, Yejun Han, G. Dale Garrison III, Hong Lian, Gina L. Lipscomb, Gerrit Schut, Matthew Keller, Michael W.W. Adams and Robert Kelly
File available
Engineering of high performance microbial secreted expression systems for improved antibody expression in the host
Chih-Hsi Fan, Chien-Wan Lin, Ying-Jie Wu, Szu-Liang Lai, Chao-Yang Huang, Ya-Hui Chen, Zhong-Hao Shi, Yu-Shen Hsu, Wei-Kuang Chi and Hsin-Lin Lu
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