419 Poster Session: Membranes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 6:00 PM
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
Posters dealing with all aspects of membrane science and technology are welcome.

Membrane-Based Separations

Chia-Chi Ho
Email: chiachi.ho@uc.edu

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(419ad) Analytical Model of Shell-and-Tube Dehydrator Using Tubular Zeolite Membrane
Jun Ishida, Yuhei Kikuchi, Takafumi Sato and Naotsugu Itoh

(419ah) Pore-Size Tuning of Plasma-Deposited Organosilica Membranes for Gas Separation
Hiroki Nagasawa, Toshihiro Minamizawa, Masakoto Kanezashi, Tomohisa Yoshioka and Toshinori Tsuru

(419ai) Gas Permeability in a Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIM-1): Effect of Time and Heat Treatments
Elisa Pavesi, Matteo Minelli, Maria Grazia De Angelis, Michael D. Guiver and Giulio Sarti

(419ao) Fouling Behavior of Mycobacterium
Indira Sriram, Lauren F. Greenlee and Teresa L. Kirschling

(419ap) Gas Permeability in PTMSP/Graphene, Pmtsp/Graphene Oxide Mixed Matrix Membranes
Luca Olivieri, Simone Ligi, Maria Grazia De Angelis, Emanuele Treossi and Giulio Sarti

(419d) Microscopic Diffusion of Ethylene in 6FDA/DAM – ZIF-8 Mixed Matrix Membranes Using NMR Diffusometry
Robert Mueller, Suihua Zhang, Chen Zhang, William J. Koros, Ryan Lively and Sergey Vasenkov

(419l) Electrospray Assisted One-Step Synthesis of ZIF Membranes
Jinsoo Kim and Victor Manuel Aceituno Melgar

(419q) Ion Exchange Membrane Bioreactor Treatment of Highly Contaminated Groundwater
Shalom Fox, Alon Zelichower, Yoram Oren, Zeev Ronen and Jack Gilron

(419u) Mathematical Description of Water Vapor Influence on Gas Separation Performance in Hydrophobic Polyimides
Luca Ansaloni, Matteo Minelli, Marco Giacinti Baschetti and Giulio C. Sarti

(419v) Functionalized Polyaniline Based Membranes for Water Purification
Yong Min, Youhai Yu, Dewei Wang, Tianju Fan, Katherine M. Kinstedt, Harold W. Walker and Yidong Liu
File available
(637g) Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Reaction to Modify Metabolites from Biomass
Angela Idárraga, Javier Davila Sr. and Carlos A. Cardona

Development of Anti-Fouling Membranes By Chemical Patterning
Steven Weinman, Na Li and Scott M. Husson
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