421 Poster Session: Particle Technology Forum

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 6:00 PM
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)

Particle Technology Forum

Manuk Colakyan
Email: manuk.colakyan@renmatix.com

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(421aa) Fabrication and Characterization of (Non-)Colloidal Crystals with Customizable Hierarchy
Melissa H. Lash, Morgan Fedorchak, Steven R. Little and Joseph J. McCarthy

(421ab) Mechanisms of Bipolar Charging in Insulators in a Hopper-Chute Assembly
Saurabh Sarkar, Vipul Gupta, Shivangi S. Naik, Raj Mukherjee, Vinit Sharma, Prasad Peri and Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri

(421ae) A Catalytic Gasification of Indonesian Kideco Coal in Two Flow Regimes Fluidized Bed Gasifier
Gyoung Tae Jin, Young CHeol Park, Jong-Ho Moon, Seung-Yong Lee and Ho-Jung Ryu

(421af) A Gas Mixing Study in a Fluidized Bed with Various Compartmented Wind Boxes
Seung-Yong Lee, Gyoung Tae Jin, Young CHeol Park, Jong-Ho Moon and Ho-Jung Ryu

(421aj) Macroporous Materials Via Shear-Induced Reactive Gelation
Bastian Brand, Miroslav Soos and Massimo Morbidelli

(421d) The Evaluation of Starch as an Iron Ore Pellet Binder
J. Halt, Jacob Mcdonald and S. Komar Kawatra

(421e) The Design and Uses of a Dust Tower
J. Halt and S. Komar Kawatra

(421f) The Design and Use of a Laboratory-Scale Deslime Thickener
Howard Haselhuhn III, J. Halt and S. Komar Kawatra

(421h) Spray Drying Granulation for Oxygen Carrier of Chemical Looping Processes
Satoru Matsuda, Masato Suzuki, Masayuki Kawamura, Takumi Komuro and Motoya Ohtsuka
File available
(421i) Effectiveness of Dust Dispersion: Visualization Study in Siwek 20-L Chamber
Bing Du, Weixing Huang, Jingjie Yuan, Niansheng Kuai, Yidan Ren and Long Liu

(421j) Prediction of Agglomeration and Breakage of Fine Cohesive Powders Using DEM
Kevin Kellogg, Peiyuan Liu, Casey LaMarche and Christine M. Hrenya

(421m) Packed Bed Packets, Effective Thermal Conductivity and Advantage of in-Situ W ALD
Staci A. Van Norman, Jeni Sorli, Ronggui Yang, Joseph W. Tringe, John D. Sain, John L. Falconer and Alan W. Weimer
File available
(421o) Preparation of Visible Light Absorption Enhanced TiO2 By Atmospheric Pressure Water Vapor Plasma
Tadahiko Shimanaka, Soshi Watanabe, Junichi Ida, Tatsushi Matsuyama and Hideo Yamamoto

(421t) Synthesis of Visible-Light Sensitive TiO2 Coated Slica Beads By Fe(Ⅲ) Grafting
Masaki Takebayashi, Junichi Ida, Tatsushi Matsuyama and Hideo Yamamoto

(421v) Agglomerate Size Distribution in Wet Gas Fluidized Systems
Ziv Greidinger, Matthew Girardi, Stefan Radl, Benjamin J. Glasser, Sankaran Sundaresan and Avi Levy

(421w) Investigating the Tribocharging of Pharmaceutical Powders in a V-Blender : Experiments and Simulations
Shivangi S. Naik, Saurabh Sarkar, Vipul Gupta, Bruno C. Hancock, Yuriy Abramov, Weili Yu and Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri

(421y) Electrospray Formed Metal Iodate-Based Energetic Composites and Their Application As Biocidal Agents
Wenbo Zhou, Haiyang Wang, Guoqiang Jian, Jeffery B Delisio, Vincent T Lee and Michael R Zachariah
File available
(561g) Minimum Spouting Velocity of Food Particles in a Gas-Solid Spouted Bed
Maysam Saidi, Hassan Basirat Tabrizi, Alireza Rahmani and Salah Faroughi
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