436 Characterization of Engineered Particles and Nanostructured Particulate Systems

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 8:30 AM
209 (Hilton Atlanta)
The physical and chemical characterization of engineered particles ranging from the nanometer to the micrometer scale plays an important role in formulation, processing and quality assurance. This session will focus on recent developments in characterization techniques and methodologies. Emphasis will be placed on nanostructured engineered particle systems with several examples of the link between novel characterization techniques and novel engineered structures and properties.

Particle Production and Characterization

Daniel Lepek
Email: lepek@cooper.edu

Stephen L. Conway
Email: stephen_conway@merck.com

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8:49 AM

9:08 AM
(436c) Effective Thermal Conductivity of Packed Beds and Benefit of in-Situ W ALD: Original Sample Preparation Technique
Staci A. Van Norman, Jeni Sorli, Ronggui Yang, Joseph W. Tringe, John D. Sain, John L. Falconer and Alan W. Weimer
File available
9:46 AM
(436e) Magnetic Particles Characterization – Magnetophoretic Mobility and Particle Size
Chen Zhou, Eugene Boland, Paul W. Todd and Thomas R. Hanley

10:24 AM
(436g) Single-Particle ICP-MS Methods Development for Nanoparticle Characterization
Xinhua Liang, Yongbo Dan, Rajankumar Patel, Honglan Shi and Chady Stephan
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