22 Nanofabrication and Nanoscale Processing

Sunday, November 16, 2014: 3:30 PM
A702 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
In order for nanoscience to become true nanotechnology, there is a need for breakthroughs in the engineering science of processing and manufacturing at the nanoscale. Nanotechnology in it present state is still largely nanoscience and is relegated to single exeriments done in a batch mode in the laboratory. This session will be devoted to papers that describe efforts to attack the problems of nanoscale engineering design and assembly. We will look for novel approaches to solving the problems of placement, high throughput, yield and massively parallel production, as well as integration across multiple length scales for the production of novel entities from new materials to devices at the nanometer length scale. Papers that describe fundamental or applied aspects of advances toward solutions to these problems using, for example, biomimetic approaches, hybridized soft and hard lithographic processes or modeling/simulation are welcome. Industrial as well as academic presentations are sought.

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum

Eric Nuxoll
Email: eric-nuxoll@uiowa.edu

Edgar D. Goluch
Email: e.goluch@neu.edu

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4:06 PM
(22c) Wafer-Scale Epitaxial Graphene on SiC: Synthesis, Transfer, and Devices
Christos Dimitrakopoulos, Jeehwan Kim and Hongsik Park

4:24 PM
(22d) In-Situ Gisaxs Study of Pore Orientation Effect on Thermal Transformation Mechanism of Surfactant Templated Mesoporous Titania Thin Films
Saikat Das, Suraj Nagpure, Ravinder Garlapalli, Syed Islam, Qingliu Wu, Joseph Strzalka and Stephen E. Rankin

4:48 PM
(22e) Scalable Directed Assembly of Electrosprayed Nanoparticles By Durotaxis
Jonathan P. Singer, Robert W. Style, Hanqiong Hu, Rostislav Boltyanskiy, Eric R. Dufresne and Chinedum O. Osuji
File available
5:06 PM

5:24 PM
(22g) Sub-10nm Graphoepitaxial Directed Self-Assembly of PS-PDMS By Laser Spike Annealing
Jing Jiang, Brandon Wenning, Michael Thompson and Christopher K. Ober
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