189 Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes: Absorption and Transport Processes

Monday, November 17, 2014: 3:15 PM
International 5 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
We invite papers dealing with experimental or theoretical or simulational studies of gases or liquids interacting with graphene, carbon nanotubes, and related nanostructures. Topics of interest include adsorption isotherms, characterization of the porous structure of the nanotubes, phase transitions, confinement and dimensionality effects, heats of adsorption, heat capacity, adsorption related to sensors, transport of gases or liquids through nanotubes, interaction of biological molecules with nanotubes, and related issues.

Carbon Nanomaterials

Reginald E. Rogers Jr.
Email: reginald.rogers@rit.edu

Placidus B. Amama
Email: pamama@ksu.edu

3:39 PM
(189b) Study on the Surface Energy of Supported Graphene By Contact Angle Measurements
Lei Li, Andrew Kazbial, Zhiting Li, Feng Zhou, Vahid Vahdat and Haitao Liu

3:57 PM
(189c) A 2D Equation-of-State Model for Corona Phase Molecular Recognition on Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Surfaces
Zachary Ulissi, Michael S. Strano, Jingqing Zhang, Vishnu Sresht and Daniel Blankschtein

4:15 PM
(189d) Characterization of Carbon-Based Nanomaterials By Vapor Sorption Methods
Daniel J. Burnett, Armando R. Garcia and Majid Naderi

4:51 PM
(189f) The Mobility Vs. Carrier Density Trend in Wafer-Scale Epitaxial Graphene on SiC, and How It Can be Defeated
Christos Dimitrakopoulos, Timothy J. McArdle, Damon Farmer, Alfred Grill, Dirk Pfeiffer and Phaedon Avouris

5:09 PM
(189g) Molecular Barrier Functions of Graphene Oxide in Liquid-Liquid Systems
Megan A. Creighton, Finn van Krieken and Robert Hurt

5:27 PM
(189h) Surface Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Adsorbed at an Air-Water Interface
Sahil Vora, Brice Bognet, Huseini Patanwala, Francisco Chinesta and Anson W. K. Ma
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