151 Physical Properties for Chemical Product Design

Monday, November 17, 2014: 12:30 PM
Crystal Ballroom C/D (Hilton Atlanta)
This session will focus on the structure-property correlations for pure compounds and mixtures. Papers on the physicochemical properties of simple fluids, as well as of complex fluids, such as polymers, colloids, and ionic liquids, and of solids such as ceramics, metals, and semiconductors, are sought. Applications of interest include product design in the petroleum, petrochemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, electrochemical, and alternative energy industries.

Product Design

Sitaraman Krishnan
Email: skrishna@clarkson.edu

Kenneth R. Cox
Email: krcox@rice.edu

12:30 PM
(151a) Current Leakage Relaxation and Charge Trapping in Dielectric Materials
Joel L. Plawsky, Juan Borja, Toh-Ming LU and Hassaram Bakhru

12:55 PM
(151b) Development of Acid Doped PBI Electrolyte Membrane
Mensavi Dangbuie, Jianzhong Lou and Shamsuddin Ilias

1:20 PM
(151c) Uncertainty Quantification of VLE Models for an MEA System
Joshua Morgan, Benjamin Omell, Debangsu Bhattacharyya, Charles Tong and David C. Miller

2:10 PM
(151e) Computer Aided Solvent Design for Extraction of a Pharmaceutical Intermediate
Madakashira Harini, Jhumpa Adhikari, Santosh B. Noronha and K Y Rani
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